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Guest Access

Guests have the entire house, house yard, pool, pool yard to themselves!

Guests have the use of the farm/motor-cross tracks but this is also shared with our two eldest sons & maybe a few mates who may be here/riding the tracks but feel free to join them! -

If your not here to ride & would prefer not to have the sound of motorbikes during your stay, please let us know & we will respect your wishes! Otherwise, sit back & watch! You will enjoy the show!


There is no guest access to the sheds on the property.

Our two eldest sons live in the granny flat in the large shed but they will not bother you! They are our farm caretakers. If you see Zac & Luke or have any questions - especially about the motocross tracks, Luke would be more than happy to help as these tracks are his pride & joy!

Adrian & myself do on occasions stay in the shed with the boys as farm work never ends! Come & say hi, we would love to meet you! & of course if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to ask..

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